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starwanderer7 [userpic]

Fic: Let Your Hair Down

October 17th, 2006 (01:17 pm)

Title: Let Your Hair Down
Penname: Starwanderer
Rating: G
Pairings: James/Lily
Genre: Humor
Summary: A twist on the Rapunzel fairy tale, this story takes place during the Marauders’ sixth year at Hogwarts.
Notes: This is my second fic to have ever written! It's been edited a bit since its original publication at Immeritus.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and his world do not belong to me.

“Potter, I just don’t understand you!” cried Lily Evans in exasperation.

“Well, I think I would know what I’m talking about,” replied James unabashed. He sat there at the Gryffindor table across from Lily, perfectly ready to justify his convictions. This was his game now; soon he’d seize the quaffle and score. Yet for once, everyone else was inattentive to the ever popular, just-off-his-broomstick James Potter. They were actually taking the dinner opportunity to eat.


James looked intently at Lily. She was the only other Gryffindor ignoring hot plates of food that beckoned enticingly with their sweet and spicy aroma. Lily returned his steady gaze with equal resolve. Her mind pondered James’s words and stance as if he were a riddle from a Sphinx that her very life depended on solving. His eyes that gazed deeply into her being, his face worn in a self-assured grin, his aura-everything about James Potter emanated confidence.

Not submitting to James’s self-assertiveness, she continued, “But it even says in Hogwarts: A History-”

“It’s not like a book knows everything,” interrupted Sirius, joining in on the conversation. “And that book is rubbish, anyway.”

“I knew you’d side with him,” Lily returned, motioning her head towards James.

“You’re a prefect, so naturally it’s you who sides against two wizards like us.”

Lily smirked: “Well, then you should already expect to be at my mercy if I’m made Head Girl next year.”

“And I'm sure you'd like that,” said Sirius, winking good-naturedly. "We’re always ready for a new challenge." Remus gave his friend a half-amused, half-exhasperated look, but Sirius shrugged indifferently as he returned to eating the roasted chicken leg in front of him. Considering how the two were very out-spoken, it was a wonder that Sirius and Lily’s feisty personalities did not collide more often.

Lily watched Sirius absorbed in his plate of food, and then looked pointedly at her fellow prefect: “What do you think, Remus?”

Remus played with the mashed potatoes on his plate for a moment, pondering his answer. Inwardly he smiled broadly. He thought of all the ideas James probably had in mind. Remus knew all too well that with a will like that of James Potter, nearly anything was possible. “You have a good point about all these spells cast on Hogwarts,” he said diplomatically. “Yet then again, you are talking to the likes of James Potter.”

“That’s right, mate!” said James, grinning from ear to ear. “You see, nothing's impossible in my book.”

Lily was very tempted to pour her pumpkin juice all over James’s messy hair. Strangely enough, she also wanted to kiss him full on the mouth until steam came out of his ears. Yet she tried to convince herself that neither one would she ever do in her right mind.

“What’s the plan, Prongs?” Sirius asked his friend as they crept towards the spiral staircase that led to the girls’ dormitories.

“Since we can’t get up to the dormitory, I’ll call for Lily.” whispered James briskly. “The potion I put in Lily’s pumpkin juice should have worked by now.”

“You’re wrong, Prongs,” said Sirius.

“Yeah? Why is that exactly?” asked James.

“If the potion had worked by now then Lily’s screams could be heard throughout the entire castle,” said Sirius.


“Lily has sass, but she also has class,” replied James patiently. “I really don’t see that happening. Anything else?”


 “You asked, anyway,” said Sirius. “Yet speaking of this lass with sass and class…”

Yes?” James questioned, a hint of annoyance in his tone.


“Lily would have beat you to the stairs by now to inform you-in her most delicate manner, of course-that you suffer from the disease of being an arrogant, insufferable toe rag.”


“Lovely,” answered James. “But it seems I passed the insufferable virus to someone else in our germ-infested dorm…”


And she’d probably had  turned you into a three-headed toad,” Sirius finished as an afterthought.

James merely waved his hand at Sirius and tried to open the door before the steps. No sooner than he placed his hand on the doorknob that he jumped back yelling in pain. That clever witch of a witch! She knew James all too well; she must have jinxed the door after her conversation with the Marauders.

Sirius let out a bark of laughter rich with awe and pity as he watched his best friend jolt back from the door with his amazing Quidditch reflexes. He didn’t think James could be faster than he already was on a broom, but Lily had proved him wrong.

“Thanks for your sympathy, Padfoot!” said James sarcastically, rubbing his physical and metaphorical injury. The entire door was glowing an ominous red behind him.

POTTER!” a female voice rang throughout the tower. Immediately both wizards jerked their heads towards the door. If James hadn’t known any better, he could have sworn that the walls had shook from the sound.

Immediately Lily Evans came down the stairs, yet something seemed to be holding her back. Only when she stood towering above James and Sirius could they see what it was. Lily’s red hair was as long as Rapunzel’s golden tresses.

“Would one of you kindly explain to me why my hair is like this?” asked Lily in a dangerously low tone. She was breathing slowly and calmly, but her hair was fiery red. Her eyes blazed in anger.

Sirius simply leaned back towards the wall, looking onward at the soldiers on the battlefield before him, much like a general assessing the damage about to take place. James got on his knees and said in a deeper voice: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your red hair!”

Lily promised that one day she'd find out where these ideas from the Marauders came from. Until then…


 “Potter, if you think for a second that you’ll get up to the dormitory this way then-”

“Don’t get your hair tied up in a knot,” said James, still kneeling on the floor. Inwardly he grimaced when an image of a stern-looking Professor McGonagall entered his mind. He could imagine his professor loosening the tight bun to let her dark tresses cascade over her shoulders and…gah! Merlin! He snapped back from the horrifying image. “Let your hair down, my fair maiden!”

“You know these steps will turn into a slide the moment you try to climb up,” said Lily.

“Not a problem, as long as you let down your hair,” replied James.

Lily sighed to kill a giggle that threatened to escape from her treacherous throat. He does look rather handsome when he looks at me that way. He’s even kneeling on the floor…. Yet Lily didn’t dare reveal such incriminating thoughts. She was also still mad for what James had done to her hair, so she turned her attention to Sirius instead. “Wipe that smile off your face, Black,” she said. “You help him with these crazy ideas of his, you know!”

Unperturbed, Sirius looked up at Lily and bowed his head slightly: “Guilty as charged.”

Lily felt further argument was useless so she slowly descended the remaining steps. She didn’t withdraw her gaze from James for a second. Sirius immediately stood from the wall to his full height and James sprang up from the floor. His heart pounded against his chest from a mixed rush of sweet anticipation and anxiety.

James had a rather lanky build, but he was tall, so Lily had to look up into his eyes after she had reached the bottom of the stairs. James tried to showcase his usual confident grin, but it turned out being a nervous twitch of the lips. Lily was standing very close to him. He wasn’t sure whether she was going to do the near impossible or was planning to strangle him with her hair. He swallowed hard.

Lily smiled seeing James in this unusual state. He opened his mouth to speak, but Lily lifted a finger to his lips: “You may be a clever wizard, James Potter, but I am no damsel in distress that needs rescuing.” She graced him with a tentative smile of her own. “And I may believe in unicorns and dragons now, but I don’t think I believe in fairytale princes.”


With that she turned around swiftly and headed up the stairs to undo the handiwork of another one of James Potter’s ideas, but not without knocking James over with her dark red tresses. The book had closed on James’s plan.

“Looks like she’s got you head over heels,” remarked Sirius.

James was still looking up at the stairs in a trance where Lily had vanished, his glasses askew. “Did you see that?” he said. “She definitely likes me.”


Posted by: the fine line between magic and science (lionille)
Posted at: November 5th, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)

lol! Really clever weaving together the sliding staircase of Gryffindor tower with the Rapunzel story. :D Perfect J/L antics.

Posted by: starwanderer7 (starwanderer7)
Posted at: December 27th, 2006 03:55 am (UTC)

Thank you for leaving a review! This was just one of those random ideas that appear in my head without a warning.

I’m glad the J/L antics worked. ;)

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